I'll get my hands dirty
(as long as gloves are provided).
Brad Nowasell


Hailing from the home of Louis Sullivan’s Jewel Box Bank in Grinnell, I realize architectural gems can belong anywhere, even in small town Iowa. I enjoy biking, movies, and long, leisurely walks in abandoned industrial parks. I’ll get my hands dirty (as long as gloves are provided). Since joining Neumann Monson I’ve had the chance to hone my technical skills on a range of teams. I love finding ways to harness sustainability as an opportunity, especially when we apply our modern sensibility to re-purposed objects and old building fabric.

If you could invite any 3 people--living or dead--to dinner, who would you invite?

Charlie Kaufman, David Foster Wallace, my mother and… Jim Carrey would be serving the food.

What's your proudest achievement?

Being a part of the University of Iowa Voxman School of Music team.

What other designer do you admire and why?

Olson Kundig Architects; they always incorporate something uniquely modern and customized into their designs.

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Brost Architects


Iowa State University (BArch)