The best part of the work we do is sitting down with the client to pick apart our assumptions.
Jim Zeller

Intern Architect

My father is a computer engineer and my mother is teacher. From my father I gained a thirst for understanding how things work and for making them work better. From my mother I gained a habit for asking “why?”. I think architecture is a marriage of inquiry and engineering in its essence, and it satisfies my desire for both understanding and skepticism. The best part of the work we do is sitting down with the client to pick apart the assumptions we both have. By critically engaging the project together we strike off on a path to a truly impactful design and, more importantly, we connect with the client in a meaningful way. It would be easy to have a typically cordial client-architect relationship, but the inquisitive nature of the people who work here is what builds lasting friendships.

What's an untapped passion you'd like to devote more time to?

I could fill a book with the as-of-yet unfulfilled passions I would like to pursue; chapter one would be: “Programming, various ways to design intelligent buildings without drawing every line”, Chapter 2 would be: “Cameras and Lenses, express yourself by taking pictures of everything you see”, and every chapter after that would be various athletic activities. I love the act of creating new things.

What is your ambition for NM?

My ambition is for Neumann Monson to find new and impactful ways to utilize the cutting-edge tools at the discipline’s disposal. There’s so much opportunity and possibility with rapid prototyping/3Dprinting, data-driven design, and automated fabrication. These tools have the potential to change the Building and Construction industry, we’re all “just waiting for something amazing, I guess” as that kid from The Incredibles says.

What's your favorite place in Iowa?

Iowa State University central campus at 2am on a clear night.

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