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Interior Designer

Kari Stickley

The purpose of good design is to benefit the user.

Growing up, I spent much of my time drawing. When I got older and began thinking about a career path, I had no idea what was available for an art kid like me. But I had always been conscious of the space around me and constantly found myself reimagining my room if an item was moved or rotated.  

When I thought about my dream job, I came back to the thought of rearranging my room and decided I wanted to do that for others. Each person is impacted by the built environment, even if they are not conscious of it. I want to be conscious for them and make sure their environment has a positive impact.

What drives you?

I thrive off helping people succeed. There isn’t anything better than sharing experiences and sparking growth.

Name one challenge you've set for yourself.

I have been challenging the way I listen. I’m learning to listen to understand, not listen to answer. To design a functional space for others, you need to need to let go of your thoughts and tap into what the client is saying.  

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

The collaboration. We are encouraged to share our ideas, whether they end up working or not. We truly care about equality.  

Kirkwood Community College (AAS Interior Design)

Recent Experience 
Iowa Wrestling Training Facility