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Parker Dobberstein


The architect-client partnership has to be a team relationship.

The architect-client partnership has to be a team relationship. Unless the intent is a cookie-cutter type project, insight and ideas from a project’s future users is essential to reach the best solution that is both comfortable and functional. You can’t do it without us and we can’t do it without you either.

If you could invite any 3 people--living or dead--to dinner, who would you invite?

Buckminster Fuller, Bertrand Russell, and Yogi Berra

What excites you most about Neumann Monson?

Working at NM is exciting, challenging, and humbling experience with so many bright people.

Why Iowa?

I grew up in Iowa and have traveled to both coasts, places in-between and beyond, and feel the most comfortable here. It’s unpretentious and hearty and out-of-the-spotlight. Places like Des Moines and Iowa City offer a healthy diversity and keep us connected with the world.


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Dobberstein LLC
Slingshot Architects
WOLD Architects and Engineers
William Peterson Architects


Iowa State University (BArch)


Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)