We are always exceeding expectations.
Talia Moretti

Intern Architect

My journey to architecture began after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. My undergrad was incredibly interdisciplinary, but it didn’t leave me with a clear path. Architecture, to me, felt like the ideal marriage of arts and science, allowing me to explore a broad set of interests. I can be creative, analytical, thoughtful, and environmentally minded.

My master’s program at the University of Michigan has truly shaped the way I think about design. Two of my studio professors, Maria Arquero d’ Alarcon and Ann Lui, have an amazingly holistic approach that considers both the broad scale and the finer details. They have taught me how to consider individual users, while also thinking about community, environmental impacts, and the longevity and aesthetics of a project. I’m excited to join Neumann Monson for the summer and gain experience on a wide breadth of projects.

What's your proudest achievement?

Being selected as a Dow Sustainability Fellow at the University of Michigan. It’s a competitive process, and I am grateful that I was chosen to collaborate with so many bright, “green” graduate students. We are learning so much and leaving our comfort zones in the best way.

How do you think about the users of the buildings you're working on?

I try to incorporate as many perspectives as possible into the design process. I value participatory design and think it should be a component of more architectural projects.

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to bake, especially for my friends and family. I also really enjoy being active in many ways. Yoga, dance, Pilates, and hiking are some of my favorite activities.



McMaster University (Honors Bachelor of Arts & Science)
University of Michigan (MArch, EGD: Spring 2022)