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Ashley Baldwin


Good design—in any form—can help bridge the gaps that divide us.

Although my dad was not a designer, he was the first person to teach me that design is in everything. He instilled in me a desire to be curious, listen intently, and imagine the possibilities—skills that shape my approach today.

I begin by listening to users and considering how they experience space through their senses. It’s important to think about future uses and find opportunities for inclusion, growth, and community-building. I find that good design—in any form—can help bridge the gaps that divide us.  

What do you appreciate about the architect-client relationship?  

The architect-client relationship can be a true partnership—one where we form a design story together and create something more powerful than previously imagined. True project success depends on that partnership.  

What’s an untapped passion you’d like to devote more time to?  

Playing piano. I trained classically but have lost the practice. I would love to try my hand at jazz this time around.  

What excites you about NM?  

Neumann Monson encourages everyone to be curious and find their passions. This creates an eclectic group of designers and thinkers, all at the top of their field. Everyone has a unique life story, and I am always discovering something new about my teammates, and in doing so, something new about myself.

Iowa State University